In conversation with Madeline Lebski from Auric Alchemy

“I think we are learning, slowly but surely that self care is not selfish but is the greatest act of respect. My hope is for more of us  to leave the age of glorifying ‘busy’ and hustle behind & allow for aligned action and grace to take its place”.


Auric was born from a desire to reduce the toxins you were putting into your body - most importantly on your skin and particularly in makeup and perfumes. Can you tell me a bit about your journey to chemical-free living?

Yes, this is something I am definitely passionate about and have been for about 5 years now. Back in 2013 I was living in Bondi, which is pretty well known for it’s green juices, yoga and healthy habits. After deciding to leave the world of corporate/fashion marketing I by an act of total faith took a job at ‘About Life’, a really busy and well known organic store/cafe and it literally changed my life to this day!

I became so much more aware simply through chatting to customers who were huge advocates for natural and chemical free living and realised how many products were in my home that were causing longer term harm. It is funny how a decision like switching career paths can have these profound ripple effects on life overall.

For many, deciphering the ingredients on the back of makeup and skincare can prove difficult. Many of us are unaware of the dangers of some chemicals and struggle to make ethical and toxin-free choices. What are your top tips for those looking to transition into chemical-free beauty?

Oh my gosh I wish I were more of an expert in this field but my main advice that I would suggest is if you don’t recognise the ingredient then it’s a no go. Sometimes natural ingredients however do have fancier technical names on products for legal regulations so it is always handy to google something you aren’t sure of and if it still makes no sense then ditch it! It is a bit easier for me as I don’t actually own any makeup and haven’t for years now (I am fortunate enough to have good skin and I honestly look alot better make up free!) but there are definitely some amazing organic and ethical brands out there now. In terms of perfumes I would definitely suggest essential oils as a base as perfumes are incredibly toxic unless they are naturally derived. I have always been really sensitive to smells so most perfumes always gave me a headache so the transition was a bit more of an intuitive one for me to avoid feeling terrible. Oh, and there are also amazing DIY recipes online for skin care, a personal fave of mine is just some raw honey as a moisturising and cleansing mask!

Your newest release ROSE is a face and linen mist infused with Rose Quartz and a touch of lavender essential oil. Can you share more about this new addition?

Ahh Rose, She is a beautiful one. I have actually wanted to do this for about a year but was focused on the rest of the range until recently. For me rose is such a feminine scent and I have always loved how it makes me feel relaxed yet refreshed all at once. My middle name is Rose and my family always still refer to me as ‘Rosie’ so perhaps it was always in the stars for me. I added lavender for a bit of extra depth and it is also really beautiful for calming red or tired skin, or alternatively calming as a linen mist. Finally, rose quartz was a must! The intention for this mist was all things feminine and nurturing which this crystal is all about.

I’ve watched your business grow so much over the past year and have absolutely loved all your products – the Dream spray is an absolute staple in my evening routine. Can you share any details on upcoming product developments or collaborations?

Oh thank you, you have definitely been there from the start which is so beautiful to see people being so loyal towards what I have been creating. I am still quite dedicated to living the slow life as my body continues to heal and thrive once again (I detail this a little more over on our website) but in saying that I definitely feel that 2019 is a big year of growth for Auric Alchemy. I definitely do things a little differently and don’t really plan too far ahead and prefer to take ‘aligned action’ rather than hustling, and by that I suppose I mean a philosophy of following what feels right as it comes to me (so who knows… stay tuned!). I have a super exciting collab coming in the next couple of weeks with a beautiful local store where I have designed a custom scent for them, and I have opened myself up a little more for these type of really heart-felt connected collaborations! I really believe that is the key to success and having it resonate with people.

Not only do your products look and smell beautiful they also contribute to a self-care routine. Can you share how one could incorporate them into their morning and evening routine?

I actually wrote about this a little bit in my recently launched ebook (shameless plug!) ‘The Mystic Home’ which dives into how to create ritual and self care at home, something I talk about a lot. Every night I use the ‘Dream’ Mist on my linen, and in the morning I love ‘Zen’ if I need some grounding and ‘Clarity’ for those sleepy mornings to give me a lift. I am a big advocate for doing what feels right for me in the moment, I like to take a breath and naturally choose the scent I feel like I am craving.

On that note, do you have a morning/evening routine?

I definitely have rituals in place but they tend to vary each day a little bit! I love to keep flexible and not be too strict as I feel like the stress of ‘routine’ can create more stress sometimes. Every morning I drink a dandelion tea with cinnamon, raw honey and a dash of bonsoy (this is my fave coffee alternative as I am terrible with any stimulants!) and I take it pretty slowly these days in the morning. I am still in the recovery phase of the last 2 years of some quite serious health imbalances that actually were the birthplace for Auric Alchemy and creating my own lifestyle that my body, mind and soul all worked in harmony within. After my tea I will sometimes listen to a podcast, draw some angel cards, journal or laze in bed with some music on. I truly believe a morning ritual doesn’t need to be unrealistically lengthy, it can be as simple as 10 minutes with a cup of tea as a way to connect to yourself and the day ahead.

Evenings for me are always a time of winding down with dim lighting, a nice long shower (essential for cleansing the day away),  cooking dinner with my partner (this is our time to reconnect after he has been at work for the day) and then usually watch some Netflix and unwind. Sometimes I find in the world of wellness things like Netflix and television can be frowned upon and judged but after ditching it for a couple of years myself I love nothing more than switching off to a series. There is something funnily sacred in having ‘our show’ that we only watch together of a night. I always have the diffuser on from late afternoon with lavender, frankincense or vetiver for calming and love to lay on my shakti acupressure mat and sip a lunar latte with coconut milk from Nutra Organics (If you have any issues sleeping I highly recommend this I just finished my 5th bag of it!). Finally I will rub some magnesium spray onto my belly for a rejuvenating sleep.

What’s currently on your bedside table?

‘Dream’ Mist, Hemp CBD oil (something I started recently trialling), a basal body thermometer (I take my temp every morning for tracking my cycle) &  a smokey quartz crystal.

Finally, I’d love to know a woman who inspires you. 

This would have to be my dear friend (I feel blessed to call her that) Tess Guinery (@tessguinery). We met about 2 years ago via the wonderful world of Instagram and we then connected when I moved to the Gold Coast at the end of 2017.  Not only does she create magic from the tip of her fingertips she has this beautiful ability to make others feel welcome and part of the community. I am forever inspired by how in the midst of rising success and abundance she is forever humble, is also a cheer-leader for the slow life and shares a value I hold deeply myself which is leading a life in connection to our creator/spirit.

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